Cropking Disc Harrow

Cropking Disc Harrow Compact Model

Cropking Disc Harrow

Compact Model


  • Heavy Duty Reinforced Pipe Frame
  • Single / Split Gang Arrangement (according to size)
  • Notched Discs in Front Gang & Plain Discs in Rear (Optional
  • Robust Bearing Hub Mechanism
  • Unique Rotating Head


  • It is ideal for breaking clods in the soil, loosening & preparing it for tillage. It allows the farmer to chop & bury the remainsof the crop into the land. Its unique design allows the farmer to use it in both mounted as well as trailed configurations.


  • Its robust reinforced seamless pipe frame provides sufficient weight to the harrow, allowing it to penetrate the land easily,even in toughest soil conditions. Also, it removes the need for any additional weights being piled-on the harrow.
  • Its unique design allows the farmer to use it as a trailed as well as a mounted harrow in the fields. For transportation, it canbe easily mounted on the tractor, making it effortlessly transportable. There is also a provision for providing tyres fortransportation in trailed mode.
  • Boron Steel Discs used in this harrow offer high durability, efficient working and superior life resulting in low-maintenance& low-running costs for the farmer.
  • The rotating head on the drawbar allows the harrow to turn easily with the tractor, thereby reducing the load on the tractor
  • Heavy Duty Bearing Hub Mechanism allows the discs to rotate smoothly in tandem which drastically reduces the load onthe tractor. The bearings placed in these hubs have a very high load bearing capacity, ensuring minimum wear& tear evenin toughest soil conditions. Bearing & Hub are protected against water & mud entry using superior quality seals.