Cropking Rotavator

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Cropking Rotavator

Single Speed Gear Drive


  • Heavy Duty Gearbox
  • Robust Side Gears
  • Boron Steel Blades
  • CNC Machines Hubs & Axles
  • Heavy Duty PTO Shaft (with Shear Bolt)


It is used for cutting, chopping & mixing the crop residue into the soil. It pulverises the soil making it easy for the farmer to use harrow & tiller afterwards. It uses the tractor power via PTO Shaft for its working. It can loosen and aerate the land upto a depth of 8 inches. Side-skids have been provided for easy depth-control.


  • Its heavy-duty gearbox encapsulates a best-in-class crown-pinion which provides a high Rotor RPM. This allows the Cropking Rotavator to pulverise the soil better & achieve higher working depth.
  • Its robust side-gears & heavy-duty transmission shafts have been engineered to allow the Rotavator to work continuously in prolonged sessions even in toughest soil conditions.
  • The ergonomically designed Boron Steel Blades used in these rotavators have a unique composition which ensures high longevity & efficient working. These blades have been arranged in a precise helical arrangement which ensures minimum load on the tractor, thereby providing high fuel-efficiency
  • It is fitted with CNC Machined Hubs & Axles, which allow the rotor to rotate smoothly, thereby ensuring that maximum power is transferred for pulverisation. The bearings placed in these hubs have a very high load bearing capacity, ensuring minimum wear& tear even in toughest soil conditions. Bearing & Hub are protected against water & mud entry using superior quality seals.