Agrignite was formed with a mission to redefine Agricultural Sales and Marketing. We Sell & not just consult. Agrignite team has held top offices at some of India’s most prestigious agriculture manufacturing companies and government bodies. The team combined their expertise in 2019 to step into consultancy, sales and mergers.

The Agrignite team is an extension of your sales and marketing team and can boost your existing sales effort. Our strength lies in our network of on field sales agents who are backed by digital advertisement and data, so they can sell efficiently. Our network of dealers and distributors is extensive and ideal if you are looking to gain ground in a state or the entire country.

The journey of 0 to 400 | Kamco Reapers

Kamco has been a dominant player in the reaper market in India. However, their sales in the state of Madhya Pradesh in 2018 were 0. We partnered with Kamco for the 2019 season and finished a low monsoon season by selling a little over 400 reapers in 3 months. Do you want to know more about how we managed to do so?

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Reaper Sales in Madhya Pradesh

Our Firm

What We Believe

Agrignite believes it can connect the right product to the right farmer and truly have a positive impact on their lives and the countries.

What We Do

Agrignite was formed with a mission to redefine Agricultural Sales and Marketing. We Sell & not just consult.

Brand Architecture

Our brand architecture team are made up of passionate strategist and planners from India and London.

Brand Activation

Our brand activation team are made up of digital thinkers, regional sales experts and agri implement distributors.


Agrignite is head quartered in Kolkata with 6 satellite offices across the country.

Social Impact at agrignite

Over the years agrignite has been able to have a positive impact on several farmers lives by educating them about available government schemes to mechanize their farms. Agrignite partakes in regular benefits to better the lives of Indian Farmers. Learn more about how you can join the cause and contribute

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Strategy and growth in agriculture

Our People

Culture of Collaboration

Agrignite is one of the only women led companies in the agriculture sector and is an equal opportunity work place.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our team comes from various backgrounds and hard work and dedication are the only criteria when it comes to success at Agrignite.

Social Impact

Agrignite’s ‘One Day’ initiative helps educate children of farmers and insures a better life for several farmers connected with us.

Bold Ideas.

Extraordinary Team.

Results & Partnerships

Kamco | Enduring Results

Learn more about our partnership with Kamco and the impact of the work we have been doing for them.

Advancing Dealers

Agrignite’s dealers program has insured that dealers registered for the program see over 15% growth year-on-year in sales. This is done by upgrading their sales funnel and nurturing process.

Global Affiliations

Agrignite is a perfect partner if you are looking to enter the Indian Market and require a plug and play solution.

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