Careers at agrignite At Agrignite we work with some of the biggest Agriculture Implement Manufacturers nationally & internationally. Our goal is to give them the extra edge they need to capture the diverse Indian Market.

Agrignite was formed with a mission to redefine Agricultural Sales and Marketing. A dynamic 360 degree firm with a passion for ensuring everybody who comes in contact with our work benefits. We challenge the status quo & push to outperform what you thought was possible. We Sell & not just consult.

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Our work not only involves sitting at swanky offices in Kolkata and Indore but also involves going out in the field and making real world connects. From our senior management to interns, everyone is encouraged to field visits, meet dealers and end customers.

If you enjoy working on the road and are truly passionate about helping and serving the farming community, agrignite is the right place for you. At agrignite, every employee regardless of their qualification has a chance to hold any of the positions, including the position of a CEO.

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Introducing our new Agri-Ignited podcast

Join us for our monthly podcast, where we get the top experts from the field of agriculture to talk about their experience and journey. The podcast begins from Dec, 2020.

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What makes agrignite different from other companies you have worked for? A little bit of everything, really.

Agriculture Implement manufacturer

At agrignite, we function with culturally diverse team that works from various locations across India and Europe. The team works from one of our offices in Kolkata or Indore and from remote locations as per their convenience and job roles. Job success is measured on performance KPI and not man hours put in. Our unique way of functioning has revolutionized agricultural sales and is being adopted by several Indian manufacturers.

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Agrignite trains and recruits employees for several of the companies we work for. If you would like to work for some of the top Indian Agriculture Implement Manufacturers please mail us at

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