Cropking Disc Plough

Cropking Disc Plough

Cropking Disc Plough

Disc Plough


  • Heavy duty reinforced pipe Frame
  • Boron Steel Discs
  • CNC Machined Spindles & Hubs
  • Scrapers (Sheet / MS Flat Optional )
  • Robust Coulter Assembly


It performs all basic functions like breaking, raising, turning & mixing the soil. It is especially useful in hard and dry trashy land conditions where scouring is a major problem. It opens up the land, after which harrows & tillers can be used easily. It can also be used in rocky & rooted areas.


  • Its heavy duty reinforced seamless pipe frame provides sufficient weight to the plough, allowing the discs to penetrate the land properly. Its high trash clearance allows the farmer to use the plough under heavy crop residue as well. The frame has a unique folding mechanism which allows the farmer to add an extra bottom to the plough.
  • Boron Steel Discs used in this plough offer high durability, efficient working and superior life resulting in low-maintenance & low-running costs for the farmer.
  • The Plough is fitted with CNC Machined Spindles & Hubs, which allow the discs to rotate smoothly which drastically reduces the load on the tractor. The bearings placed in these hubs have a very high load bearing capacity, ensuring minimum wear& tear even in toughest soil conditions. Bearing & Hub are protected against water & mud entry using superior quality seals.
  • Robust Coulter Assembly significantly reduces side-draft, which improves the overall functionality of the plough.
  • The unique bending angle of the frame provides a high width of cut in the field, while ensuring that the plough generates minimum side-draft. This makes it easier for the farmer to control the tractor in the field.