Lancer Rotary Tiller


Lancer Rotary Tiller


Lancer Rotary Tiller is better than conventional tillage equipment because it saves time, fuel, soil compaction & wear and tear of the tractor as it accomplishes better pulverization in shortest time. No need for multiple operations of cultivator, disc harrow and leveler.  Lancer HP series Rotary Tillers is economical series and it can be coupled with 30 to 60 HP tractors. It is mainly intended with rigid structure, multi speed Gear box, Visual Oil Level Indicator, Helical Shape of Rotor Assembly, Stainless steel depth skid Adjuster, Heavy Duty Gear Drive  to work perfectly in all types of crop and soil with All Profitable parameters . Available in wide range of working width (@ 4, 5, 5.5, 6Ft Center & Side Types and 7Ft Center) to suitable for medium range tractors (30-60 HP).

  • Lancer Rotary Tillers are designed carefully to avoid any breakages in running and has been designed with correct and required weight of the machine to ensure no overload to the Tractor. Unwanted increase in the weight of the machine is completely avoided so that the consumption of Diesel is minimized.
  • It helps in retaining moisture of the soil and increases soil porosity and aeration which enhances germination and growth of crops.
  • Rigid structure, Multi speed Gearbox, Mechanical oil seal, Advanced designed Front support and heavy duty back guard ( Trialing board) makes it suitable and effectively on dry land as well as in wet and paddy condition.
  • It specially install with Spiral shapes of rotor assembly to reduce load on tractors, reduce fuel consumption and avoids tire slippage.
  • Visual oil level indicator, reduce the chances to breakage of gears due to unavailability of minimum oil level in side gear transmission.
  • It make a best seedbed to using at before and after rain. It is mainly suitable for all types of crops like cotton, castor, vegetable, sugarcane, banana, wheat, maize and paddy.
  • It can easily remove residues parts of previous crop, chopped into pieces and thoroughly mix it them in to the soil in form of organic manure to increase productivity.
  • Powder coated Excellent resistance to corrosion, maintains the machine in just-bought condition for longer period.